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Aldeoz Group Villa with its headquarters located in Jakarta has 6 villas in several places namely in Bali, West Java and South Sumatera. All is available to rent that match to your holiday style or even business plan.


Aldeoz Grand Kancana Villa in Kerobokan Bali,

is a classic traditional Balinese villa, consist of 28 units of one-bedroom villa and 2 units of two-bedroom villa, all is completed with a private pool and a public pool at the site

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Aldeoz Private Villa Dago Pakar, Bandung - West Java

is a 5 rooms home-like villa because it is equipped with a kitchen, warm bath water, a living room and kitchen. Located in the upland area, a real different ambience of Bandung city.

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Aldeoz Private Villa Dempo, Pagar Alam - South Sumatra

being located in rural area, very close to a tea plantation and stand near a river bank, makes this villa has a special atmosphere while staying there. Far away from the hectic city life.

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Aldeoz Private Villa Nusa Dua, Bali

is a modern villa located in Nusa Dua area with 4 spacious bedroom, one swimming pool, kitchen and a barbeque grill if you need it.

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Aldeoz Private Villa Ciater - West Java

is only minutes driving to hot springs in Ciater with its 3 comfortable bedrooms. Connected to the main building, there is an elegant traditional South Sumatera wood house available for you to choose.

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Aldeoz Private Villa Palembang - South Sumatra

strategically located in the center of Palembang city. It is very suitable for your business trip since it is very close to some governmental offices but also convenient for there are some wellknown shopping mall around the block.

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For more information, please visit our website and do not feel hesitate in making your booking in advance. Have a pleasant stay with us, Aldeoz

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